Hi Def before, male
VASER Hi-Def After, Male
VASER Hi-Def Before, Female
VASER Hi-Def After, Female


What is VASER Hi-Def LipoSculpture?

VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture is a pioneering body contouring method. The process involves creating a carved and fit appearance by removing the unwanted fat deposits around muscle groups, making muscles look more defined. The procedure can be performed on multiple body areas but the most popular include: thighs, arms, flanks, back, buttocks, waist, abdomen and chest.

How is High Definition LipoSculpture different from traditional liposuction?

VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture works through the removal of both deep and superficial fat that surrounds muscle groups for the enhancement of underlying toning and musculature. While the goal of a normal liposuction procedure is just to remove unwanted fat to make a person leaner, Hi Def® LipoSculpture demands Vaser high definition surgeons to go one step further in such a way that was never before achieved by traditional liposuction. When you opt for Vaser Hi-Def procedure, you also have less chance of experiencing discomfort after the procedure.

What can be achieved through VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture?

Body for men- VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture for men allows the development of six pack abs; facilitate pectoral augmentation, chest definition, muscle definition and definition of arms and shoulders.

Body for women- VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture for women includes definition of the abs, buttocks augmentation, sacral dimples and smaller waistline.

Am I a good candidate for Vaser Hi Def®LipoSculpture?

Most people are actually good candidates for VASER Hi Def®. A good candidate for VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture must be in good health, has realistic expectations, has good muscle tone without excess amounts of fat or elastic skin, and does not have significant medical problems, such as lung or heart disease, diabetes, or poor blood circulation.


Who is certified to perform VASER Hi Def® in the Philippines?


Dr. Claudine S. Roura is the first and the only liposurgeon in the Philippines skilled and certified to perform VASER High Definition LipoSculpture, 4DLipo and HD tummy tuck surgery. Based on her training and extensive years of experience, Dr. Roura has refined her technique and delivered some wonderful results.

The VASER Hi-Def LipoSculpture Results

The outcomes of Hi-Def LipoSculpture is a highly defined and chiseled physique as the surgery reshapes muscle structures to give a more refined look. The procedure is often chosen to define upper arms, create stronger-looking pectorals, defined upper and lower back, defined abdominal flanks, and an athletic six pack. The results of VASER Hi-Def LipoSculpture are usually best seen after a month.

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Patients who undergo a procedure under Dr. Roura usually feel extremely comfortable. It is always safer to have someone who is experienced and trained in liposuction procedures.