What is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that addresses the problem of loose or wrinkled skin on the abdomen due to pregnancy or excessive weight gain. This procedure is available for both men and women. Tummy tuck is the removal of excess skin from flabby tummies, mostly due to stretchmarks.

Who is a candidate for a tummy tuck?

Anyone who has loose, excessive skin on their bellies due to the aforementioned situations can be a viable candidate for a tummy tuck.

What kind of tummy tuck does Roura DermSurgery offer?

Roura DermSurgery offers lipo-abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck procedure that is different from the usual.  we also perform the lastest technique  4D tummy tuck which is a combination of liposuction, creation of abs,  repari of the abdominal muscles with a short scar tummy tuck



How is it performed?

In a standard abdominoplasty, the skin in the fatty area is first undermined, and then the excess skin is carefully sliced away. The areas are then sutured together, and drains are installed. These drains are usually kept in place for 2-3 days.

In a lipo-abdominoplasty, Roura Dermsurgery performs a VASER liposuction first to give the patient their desired abdominal contours. The excess skin is cut away afterwards. There is, however, no need for either undermining or drains.  

In 4D tummy tuck,  Vaserlipo is performed to remove excess fats,  abdominal plication to repair distasis,  creation of the six pack abs,  short scar tummy tuck.  Its basically tummy tuck with abs at the same time.

What are abdominoplasty drains, and how do they work?

After a standard abdominoplasty and 4D tummy tuck,  drains need to be placed, that is small tubes are left inside the layer of undermining to prevent accumulation of fluid and blood in the space created by the undermining the tissues, this is done to prevent seromas (serous fluid accumulation) or hematomas (blood accumulation).

Why does Roura DermSurgery offer lipo-abdominoplasty?

Although most surgeons do not advocate this procedure due to its inherent risks, at Roura Dermsurgery, this is safely performed because of VASER technology. This allows us to perform the procedure in a safe and effective manner with less pain and recovery time involved.

How long does the procedure take, and what preparatory timeframe/actions will I need?

The procedure would take around 3-4 hours this is already inclusive of the time for the VASER-lipo and the removal of excess skin. Rest and light activities are suggested for the first week.

What can I expect after the procedure?

After the surgery, you be bandaged and bound for the recovery period. There will be some drainage for a few days. The area will feel a bit sore and tender to touch.

You will be up and about immediately after the procedure, however; you are not required to be bedridden or immobile. Normal activities can be tolerated, for as long as they do not cause excessive stress on your abdomen. Swelling is expected, maximal during the first 2 weeks, then slowly subsiding over the next several months. The final form of your new abdominal contours can be expected within 3-6 months.

Will there be scars?

Yes, there will be scars from the procedure. These scars will be visible on your tummy, usually on the lower part of the pubis, hidden in the garter line. The scars will initially be red, but then they will eventually fade.  Scars are shorter in the newest technique 4D tummy tuck procedure.

A body contouring procedure to remove stubborn fat deposits and excess skin. We use the VASER machine to gently remove fats and shape your body and combine this with removl of excess skin due to stretchmarks to give you a slimmer shape and tighter abs.