Hi Dr. Roura.
I hope all is well with you. We're back in Saudi and settled in. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving me the body I never had at 35 years old and after two kids. I can't stop staring at myself in front of the mirror; even my husband stares and grins lol. He loves the booty.  It's been a little over two weeks and the results are just amazing. You're truly an angel and a perfectionist. Your entire team made me feel so comfortable because of their professionalism and the good care I received from the beginning to end.

I am truly happy that I decided to do my procedure with you and I'm definitely considering the mini tummy tuck. I'll be in touch with you when I'm ready for it.  I will send you pics in a few weeks of your artwork.

I've always been an athlete. Almost every day since I was 16, I've worked out about 1-3 hours per day, with a healthy mix of cardio and weights. I've done rigorous and expensive programs, from hiring trainers, taking diet pills, to trying all kinds of equipment--in hopes that those last few fat parts my genetics gave me--love handles and a donut of fat around my waist--would finally go away. And after 7 years of stress, I could never just get the ring of fat around my back and waist to permanently leave.

So at 24 years old, it had become more difficult to balance work, exercise, and play. I gained weight despite going to the gym and playing ball everyday. I performed very well athletically, mixed it up with yoga and pilates, great diet, and even made sure to break a sweat every single day. But no matter what I did, I still never quite "looked" the part.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about Hi-Def. I was worried about "growing the fat back" and "recovery time". But only five months later...all I can say is that the procedure had changed my life in three amazing ways:

1. My workouts are both less stressful and more rewarding because I know I'm not worrying about the fat ever coming back. Just toning now. I see the results of my workouts immediately.

2. Eating is also less stressful because I don't bloat anymore and my torso skin is always effortlessly tight.

3. Although I've always had abs and been in great shape, having finally rid of the 'love handles' has made my silhouette look longer and leaner--that last part I needed to look good on the beach. Instead of looking like a rectangle from behind...it finally looks like a 'V'!

A few additional bonuses of Hi-Def I did not expect:

1. My pecs are permanently HUGE because of using my own fat--something I didn't really care about before, but glad was part of the procedure. A bigger chest looks better on men.

2. No weird skin distortions anywhere post-healing that you risk getting from traditonal lipo.

3. Holes and scarring from the vaser wand have completely disappeared 7 months later--as if I never got the procedure done at all.



Barely 2 months ago after months of research i decided to go for VASER HIGH DEF. Tired of my love handles and genetic fat around the waist line... I finally decided to have a go for the procedure.

After extensive research, I was fortunate enough to land up on the website of Dr. Roura!

My 1st meeting with Dr. Roura regarding my pre-op orientation, cleared everything in my mind regarding the procedure and I was confident that I am under the safe pair  of hands for my treatment.

Thanks to Dr. Roura and the courteous staff, my operation and post operation procedure went on smoothly..... Post op pain was quite bearable and I was back to work within a week from the day of operation.

It has been barely 2 months now since my procedure and my body has unbelievable changes to show.

Finally I can close my eyes and recommend Dr. Roura to anyone of you guys out there seeking for any cosmetic procedure.

Thanks  a ton to you Dr. Roura...  hope to catch up with u soon in Manilla.


I can't thank you enough for everything.  My stomach is changing everyday.  I feel that i am just healing. All of you have been great and as I said I will be staying in touch. Doc, I know that you hear it all the time but you are awesome and I am very happy to have met you. I will talk to you soon.


As you remember, you did vaser lipo on my arms and stomach in April. I'm quite happy with the results. While back in The States, someone commented on my arms, saying I must work out!  the woman made the comment about my arms as a compliment - they looked so good she thought I must be working out! So, the compliment goes to you.


You are a very talented surgeon, high skilled DR/Surgeon in the Philippines.

I have shown my body (gawa mo - vaser Lipo) to some of my friends here in UK. Empres silang lahat! They are very interested to see you and have it done as well. Pag uuwi sila dyan, pupuntahan ka nila. I have given them your clinic address - calling card.I want you to know that I am so happy that I listened to you and have my Lipo done in your Clinic. I am proud to have you as my DR/Surgeon.

I will be promoting you here in UK, to all my friends - that's my promise. 



I turned 45 this year and, like many women my age, I started feeling changes in my body as a result of going through perimenopause.  There were the mood swings, lack of energy and even depression.  I felt unattractive and unappreciated.  Contours gave me back my confidence.  With their many beauty treatment offerings and professional advice, I was able to choose the best solution to will enhance my natural features.  I started to appreciate myself again, am looking forward to growing old gracefully, because I know that when I encounter some problems with the way I look, Contours is there to provide the solution!


Greetings Dr. Roura.I hope all is well with you and your family. I wanted to write to you to give an update of results one year post-op. I don't normally give feed-backs like this, but I feel that you need to hear what an amazing job you've done. It's the least I can do.


So, how do I feel one year later? Well, I am extremely satisfied with the lipo in the areas that were treated, and I'm very happy with the BBL result as well; it's my best asset now :-). While I was home in the U.S. this summer, the girls in my family were blown away with my asset :-). My clothes look so much better on me, and I'm filling my jeans out now.


So, now that it's been a complete year, all the lumps and sensitivity have completely diminished. My body has completely healed and it looks better than ever. I do wish I had the tummy tuck done with you as you had suggested. Nevertheless, my abdomen is lean, but it still bulges out as you said it would. I'm seriously considering the mini TT. Will a mini TT repair the upper and lower abdominal muscles and give me a cute belly button?


Also, do you do rhinoplastys too?


I want to thank you again for doing what you do so well. I couldn't be happier with my results. It was money well spent. 

F. E. - USA