Vaserlipo and High Definition Liposculpture

Our primary specialty is Body sculpting using VASER.  This advanced technology combined with state of the art technique gives superior results.  Visit our Photogallery for men and women.

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Hourglass Lipo and Tummy tuck

Our tummy tuck is the modification of the High def technique that removes excess skin and repairs diastasis of the rectus muscles.  Hourglass technique enhances the curves by using fat grafting.

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Fat Grafting

Remove fats in places you don't want them and reuse them in places where you need them.  Especially in the breast and buttocks for an all natural enhancement.  Our technique has very high fat retention rate.

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Injectable Tissue Replacement and Rejuvenation

Precise Fat grafting technique to address the ageing face and harness the rejuvenating power of micro fat, nano fat and Stromal Vascular Fractions

Nanofat and PRP

Aside from using fats as a biofiller for the face and body, we can harness the healing and regenerative powers of fat by creating nanofat particles for skin an hair rejuvenation resulting in profound skin quality.

Skin tightening and Facelifting

Non surgical options for the lower face and neck we use Thermitight, and upper face we use Thermismooth.  For the moderate to severe laxity, definitely need some minimally invasive facelifting .


Whether the use of implants such as silicone or goretex, injectable fillers or threads, or even the use of autologous fat, We strive to give you an all natural look.

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They eyes have it. As we age, the eyelids droop, we develop eyebags, deep creases and the brow droops as well.

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As in any other skin clinic, Botox, Fillers, Sclerotherapy, Facial treatment, IPL, Skin whitening, Skin peeling, Hair removal are included in our menu.

Dr.Claudine Roura

Biofilling and Biocontouring

In our institution, we prefer recycling... that is using your own fats to be used a a filler for the face and body.  For the face it can be used on any part of the face to fill in hollow spaces and give you the full youthful face.   For the body, we use the fats to enhance the breast, buttocks and hips.

Dr.Claudine Roura

Liquid Gold

Everybody hates fat.  people don't want to get fat that is why there are so many modalities and techniques to get rid of fat.  From diets, exercise, machines, non surgical modalities, injectable fat melters and finally liposuction just to remove fats.  Did you know that fats are not just a repository of excess calories.  Fat is a complex tissue with fat cells, stromal connective tissue, blood vessels and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).  And within these MSC are Stromal Vascular Fractions that contain regenerative cells, growth factors and cytokines that help regenerate tissues.

By special processing of the fats, we can reuse them not just as a biofiller but as a to harness the healing and regenerative power of fats.

Uses of fat for Aesthetics

  • Biofilling and Biocontouring for the cheeks, periorbital area, lips, nasolabials, nasojugals, nose and another area where we need filling
  • All natural breast, butt and hip augmentation
  • Nanofat and prp are used for Skin rejuvenation, acne scarring
  • Nano fat and prp also used for non healing wounds, necrotic wounds, scar and keloid remodelling
  • Condensed fat for burns and trauma
  • SVF for skin rejuvenation and hair regrowth

Use of Fat for Orthopedics

  • Lipogems technique has been approve for the mechanical harvesting of fats for orthopedic degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis

Fat for Regenerative Medicine

  • SVF (Stromal Vascular Fractions) is beneficial for lots of degenerative diseases,  COPD, Stroke, Heart disease etc.