Shape up with Pioneer VASER Hi Def dermsurgeon

    Have you ever been religiously exercising, but still wondering if there is a faster, yet safer way to achieve an athletic, chiseled and sculpted body you have always dreamed of?

    If you have not heard about Vaser High Definition (Vaser Hi Def) Liposculpture, this surgical body building technique will give hopefuls an advanced body contouring procedure from the well trained hands and artful eyes of the Philippine's very first dermatologic surgeon trained and certified by the father of this technique in 2008, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos in Bogota Colombia.

    No other doctor int he Philippines has made such an investment to specialize ont he technology and train under the pioneers no less.

    Vaser High def removes the deep and superficial fats which blocks the details of the underlying muscles which leaves a natural, velievable result through the expertise of a board certified surgeon.  Although this specialized technique specifically address improving definition of the muscles, the procedure is not for everyone.  Those people who have already an exercise regimen and working out a good amount but finds it hard to get rid of layers of ab fats and love handles, this procedure is worth considering.

    With Dr. Claudine Roura who has handled more than a thousand patients with 100% success rates since 2008, you can look forward with a curvaceous body that looks like a by product of a disciplined workout routine thats totally flaunt worthy. 

    To know more about Vaser Hi-Def, contact main clinic at (632)5564878 or email drclaudine@rouradermsurgery.com  Follow as well social media pages Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute on Facebook and @contours_ph on Instagram.  For a complete list of services and branches visit www.rouradermsurgery.com

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